Ice Driver

My Beginning…

Ice Driver is where it all began for me. I was 8 years old collecting as many jackets, jumpers, hats and gloves as I could to place in the driver’s seat so I could see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals. Sitting beside my dad I learnt the basics and the fundamentals of driving which all sounds very normal and is what the majority of people can say they did. Only difference with me was that I had 350BHP at my disposal and I was on a frozen lake in Sweden.

The sensation and feeling of driving on a frozen lake is second nature to me, I am more comfortable driving on ice than I am on any other surface. My knowledge for grip levels, vehicle dynamics, ability and car control was learnt and shines brightest on this unsealed surface.

11 years later, still with my dad beside me, we have racked up an accumulative 26 years worth of Ice Driving experience and I can safely say that the learning curve is still on the rise. The never ending chase for grip is intoxicating.

Ice Driver was my beginning.

Our Ethos – Why Come to Ice Driver?

I believe that where driving is concerned, you never stop learning. Driving is a skill that can always be improved and there are always new ideas to discover.

Have you ever driven on track with an instructor alongside you, perhaps on a track day or corporate event? You may well have experienced instruction that goes “Do this, do that” and “No, not there, brake there…” you were probably able to obey the ‘instruction’. But the chances are, you were left with little understanding of the reasoning behind what you were being asked to do.

But imagine if you could learn from the process and develop a whole new set of skills that will make you faster and more complete as a driver? Imagine if you could take away those skills and be able to repeat them without your instructor being alongside you.

And you can take these new skills to every car you drive from now on.

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