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Having now spent 4 consecutive years at the sharp end of 3 separate high level British championships; Ginetta Junior, Ginetta GT5 and Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain. Scott as a BRDC Rising Star is now amongst the top tier of current young racing drivers in the UK. With 4 years of coaching experience on the frozen lakes of Norway coupled with his racing and championship winning experience; Scott is highly qualified to coach drivers of all experience and skill level. Tooled with a vast number of various different coaching methods and tactics, Scott has the knowledge to mould his tutoring to each of his clients in order to maximise and produce the most efficient and effective way forward in terms of a driver’s confidence and driving skill as no two driver’s are ever the same.

3 Key areas of Scott’s coaching expertise

Car Control:

One of Scott’s key assets is his understanding of vehicle dynamics, car control and the ability to improvise and think outside of the norm when it comes to extracting the maximum from himself and the surface beneath him. These specific skills are something that Scott takes great delight in seeing any of his client’s progress with and master.

The Process of a Race Weekend:

With a 40.5% podium percentage and a 14.3% race win percentage, Scott knows the ins and outs of what it takes to put together a successful race weekend. Scott can offer and impart the knowledge that is required to perform at your best throughout the course of a race weekend to ensure you are comfortable and confident before and after being on track. Some specific areas of performance that Scott works with his clients on are testing plans and maximising these test days, pre-race weekend build-up, qualifying technique, pre-race planning and race execution, post-race performance analysation and many more.

Building confidence:

Confidence lays at the foundation of any driver’s capability. This is an area that Scott is passionate about as he believes many driver’s, whether they will admit it or not, are held back by a lack of confidence in their own skill level. Scott knows and has developed many different methods that build and boost a driver’s confidence. This specific sector of driving performance is completely unique to each and every driver around the world and through Scott’s understanding of this he is able to maximise progress in terms of confidence which then furthers and betters a driver’s overall performance.


Scott’s sole aim as a driver coach is to mould and tailor a programme, test day or race weekend to each specific driver that he works with in order to completely maximise the learning rate and progress that his clients make. Using his knowledge, skill and experience Scott will use data analytics, onboard footage and circuit corner studies to ensure this. For any questions or more in depth and specific information please contact Scott via the contact page.

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